Saturday, November 29, 2008


Started a couple of japanese sleeves last year on Tef, and recently continued work on them. Tef is a sharp cat, young but with the most solid business hustle you ever seen in the legit world. Not only that, he sits like a fucking rock. We're going back and forth between both his arms, session to session, and going for a pretty traditional japanese look with a few polished modern details like wave transparencies and technical linework. Here's the Hannya we did on his right arm today. Flat grey in the face, rope will be red, eyes and horns gold.


Started this really nice black and grey bull on Carlo today. Got everything sketched in, started shading.....should have a finished picture up in a couple of weeks. Carlo sat real good for the session, plus we laughed our balls off. Good way to start a great tattoo.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Here's one I did today, inside arm up by the pit. Some tears, some cursing, and a lot of happiness at the end. I'm feeling this one, and I'm sure we've all felt like taking a gamble once or twice. Thanks Jacqueline.